I’ll be upfront with you: I don’t know what this blog is about.

The original version of this page said, “A Midwest transplant moves to a city on the Long Island Sound. She explores. This is the documentation of such adventures.”

Basically, it was going to be an excuse to attend all the fun events, but then I didn’t attend because of life and my obsession with going to Ikea.

So, here’s a more relevant version of this page:

I’m a Midwestern transplant, who moved to a city on the Long Island Sound. I do pretty much whatever, with the company of The Mister and my dog, affectionately known as The Bunny Rabbit, and blog about it. I cover topics including, but never limited to shopping, eating, gardening, New York City, books, being married, BBC’s Sherlock Holmes, shoes, DIY and DDIY (don’t do it yourself), and stylish things for the home and body.

If you can deal with that (and I hope you can), then I beckon you onward, brave and undiscerning reader!