Date Ideas You Didn’t Think About Until Now

I’ve been scouring the area for unique date ideas, because going out to dinner and seeing movies has gotten a little old for the Mister and me. Here’s a quick list of my brainstorms!

1. The New York Botanical Garden is a great place to visit and to be in nature. Sure, it isn’t free like Central Park, but there are learning opportunities around every corner. They also offer interesting and interactive classes throughout the year that you and your sweetheart can take together. Become members of the Garden to save money on class and entrance costs.

2. Here’s an easy one that requires little planning. Enjoy a picnic in your favorite local park. Swing on the swings and try out the monkey bars. Be kids again, if only for a couple hours.

3. Explore a town center, like in the Westchester suburbs of Mamaroneck and Rye, or Greenwich, Connecticut. These cute towns offer lots of food and shopping options, and their downtown areas are real charmers. Rye has a free historical museum with rotating exhibits and a historical walking tour, too, for those who aren’t into the retail scene.

4. Go to Ikea. This sounds ridiculous, but hear me out! If you’re engaged or married, this can be really fun. Grab a meal in the cafeteria and then shop around, or vice versa. Test out all the furniture and make a list of your favorite items for your dream house. For added fun, visit the Ikea in Red Hook, Brooklyn, by taking the ferry!

5. Tour Grand Central Terminal. For New Yorkers, this might not seem fun. However, GCT is chock full of history and interesting facts! You’ll impress your guests with how much you know about it. If you’re really cool, you’ll stop to say sweet nothings to your love in the whispering gallery. You know if it’s recommended on Yelp, it must be good.

6. Stake out the TV studios to try to get tickets to Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon or Late Night with Seth Meyers. They’re usually taped during the day, so check out your favorite show’s website for details (except SNL).

7. If you’re married and have a home where pets are allowed, consider fostering puppies and kittens for a local animal shelter or rescue group. This is like the date that keeps on giving, because you’ll usually have the puppies or kittens for a couple of weeks until they’re old enough to find their forever home. You might even meet your new best friend!

8. Complete a home DIY project. This can be anything at all — a sewing project, woodworking or redecorating in some capacity. Look around on Pinterest to find your idea, and complete the project together on a weekend afternoon. Bonus points if you create something to treasure for years to come.

What are some of your less-than-traditional date ideas?