Family Jewels

For the last nine months or so, my jewelry has been shoved in a dresser drawer, taking up valuable real estate for my t-shirts and pajamas. My necklaces also have become tangled messes, rendered unwearable, especially when I’m in a rush-out-the-door situation.

Thank goodness my hubby is handy, because I wouldn’t have been able to solve the problem without him. He helped me create this shadowbox with hooks and crown molding to hang to store my jewelry.

There’s a mesh basket on top that holds all my earrings in the mesh, and all my bracelets are stowed in it. It was easy to make (just make a frame and miter the edges of the molding). We used wood glue and small nails to hold everything together. The secret to get the paint super smooth is to put it on in very thin coats using a foam brush. We used a Behr interior eggshell-finish paint called “True Turquoise.”

Best of all, I was able to regain a drawer, and maintain sanity when choosing jewelry in the mornings. The new box is so fancy, my H&M and Forever 21 jewels barely deserve to hang out in there!

If you aren’t a carpenter, you can use an old desk or dresser drawer to give your jewelry box a vintage look. Just screw in hooks and mount it to the wall, making sure you’re attaching it to studs. You can also use a wooden tray to the same effect! If you don’t have a lot of jewelry, you can remove the glass from a picture frame and screw hooks into the frame to display your jewelry as art.

Have you been crafting anything lately?