Metro Recommendations, Vol. 1

I feel like I’ve lived here long enough to make a few excellent recommendations in Westchester County and the city. Here are a few, for your consideration.

1. Coromandel, 30 Division Street, New Rochelle.
I measure the deliciousness of Indian food by the quality of a place’s chicken tikka masala, and this place had the best, most flavorful I’ve ever tasted. My dinner companions enjoyed the chicken korma and rogan josh. Their traditional rice pudding also is delicious and worthy in itself for a trip to Coromandel. Service was slow, but when they were there with you, they were on their game.

2. La Herradura, Main Street, New Rochellle.
They swapped beef or chorizo in the Mister’s burrito without question, and you can eat enough to make yourself sick for a very reasonable rate. Their made-at-the-table guacamole is a little expensive, but it’s entertaining to watch, and the finished product is beautiful and practically perfect in every way, like if Mary Poppins was made of avocados. Also, in case you’re wondering, “la herradura” means “the horseshoe,” and the restaurant’s menus are made of leather with an honest-to-goodness metal horseshoe attached to them.

3. The 7 Train
Yeah, you know what? Screw the S and its crowds and its sitting around being stupid. Every time I’ve taken the 7, I’ve gotten a seat. Also, the 7’s platform is in a cool tunnel, and I’m all about feeling a little like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while I wait for my transportation.

4. Two Bros. Pizza, various Manhattan locations
This is the best $1 pizza I’ve ever eaten. Initially I was wary of pizza so cheap, but now I’m not, and I’ll gladly carry cash if it means I can get a greasy slice of cheese pizza, fold it in half and shove it into my mouth.

5. The Public Library
If you haven’t visited your local library lately, you’re missing out. I bought seven books for $1 yesterday, and I will never regret that purchase. Get a library card. Read some books. Have fun. Get smart.

(These are not paid promotions. I’m speaking at-will and am not compensated for delivering my opinions to you via this blog.)