We experienced a breakdown, and not the cool Tom Petty kind.

No, I’m talking about the Metro North New Haven Line’s electrical outage, courtesy of Con Edison. The outage caused overloading of commuter trains on the New Haven Line and lots of frustration for all involved.

I had the, uh, pleasure of overhearing having to listen to a Wall Street-type businessman on the train last week being a two-faced complainer suck-up to one of the train conductors. I didn’t say anything because I value my life didn’t feel like having to win a fist-fight with a grown man, but I’m definitely going to be passive-aggressive and say something here.

First, the guy, who was standing in the entry portion of the train car with his other Wall Street buddies, was complaining about the outage. That’s fine. It’s annoying and frustrating. But he was misplacing the blame directly on the Metro North Railroad. He complained it wasn’t fixed yet, that darn Metro North, pardon his French. Except it’s not the MNRR’s fault. It’s Con Edison’s. So, suit-man, maybe get it straight before you cuss and complain.

When the conductor came around to check tickets, he joked with the conductor about the crowded train and asked how people had been handling it. Listen, dude, you know how people have been handling it because you’re experiencing it, am I right? He thanked the conductor for doing a great job, for being a bro, whatever, and the conductor went on his way.

Mr. Powerful Man, making sure the conductor was out of hearing distance, turned back to his friends and started cussing about how awful MNRR is, and how this outage is stupid.

Whatever, man. Whatever.

I have a feeling it’s the same guy I bumped with my bag on the train earlier that morning, and he freaked out and yelled at me. I apologized and kept walking to find a seat, and he kept mouthing me until I turned to him and said, “Look, I didn’t do it on purpose. Calm down!” Take a chill pill, man. Maybe six of them.