Newbie’s Day Out

When we woke up this morning, our Internet connection wasn’t working. Two phone calls to Optimum later, and it’s still not consistently connecting. Optimum is sending a tech out sometime Sunday, so we have to confine ourselves to the apartment literally all day long while we wait on the guy to show up.

To prepare for the all-day lock-in, Mister and I decided to go exploring.

First, we stopped at a high-end consignment store downtown. After briefly admiring a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk — our admiration cut short by the $4,000 price tag — we decided to walk toward the Sound, having never been in that part of town.

We soon realized we made a rookie mistake.

Guys, New York is rainy. It is New York’s main kind of weather. New York loves rain, and rain loves New York. And we didn’t have the foresight to grab an umbrella on our way out of the apartment.

So we turned around and headed to AOC Fine Wines. We had sampled some chardonnay at the local farmers’ market the week before. They were out of the chardonnay, which is very popular, and Mister didn’t like the pinot grigio sample we were offered, at least not as much as I did. We ended up getting a Portuguese white, with notes of apple and grapefruit, which the store salesman said was perfect for summer.

After AOC, we hopped in the car to drive toward the Long Island Sound. It was rainy and foggy, so we didn’t do much playing around by the water, but we did admire how one can’t see the tops of the corporate apartment buildings because of the low cloud coverage.

We drove around the neighborhoods near the marina and were instantaneously filled with yearning to live in one of those beautiful houses with the beautiful English gardens and the bedrock in the yard and the weeping willow tree and why do we only have a balcony and when are we going to become millionaires so we can live in one of those and oh my goodness, look at the front door on that one!

Not knowing our way around, we drove in circles, probably prompting several Neighborhood Watch families to put a call into the police department. Finally, we found ourselves in downtown Larchmont, where we parked the car, enjoyed some coffee and browsed around in a stationery store.

Then, we headed to Mamaroneck, another village, where we discovered Miller’s Toys and Bicycles. Mister and I are grown-ups. We have master’s degrees, are closer to 30 than to 20 and work full-time. But that store is like heaven on earth for anyone with a sense of wonder.

Full of new information about our part of Westchester County, we headed home with growling tummies to discover that the Internet’s working, at least for now, and it will probably work until the Optimum tech walks out our apartment door tomorrow at 8 p.m.